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How do you manage service records. This app will change any farm operation that runs machinery.

Maximize resale value

You want top dollar when its time to sell an old machine, right? An accurate service history gives your buyer more confidence in what you’re selling. You can send a digital copy of service records to a prospective buyer  in seconds.

Preventative Maintenance

Reports suggest that farmers can cut repair costs by 25% just by keeping up with routine maintenance. By servicing on time, you are ensuring a machine can run at its full capacity whenever its used.

Workplace Health and Safety

As employers, farmers have an obligation to ensure the machinery their employees are operating is safe to be doing so. Defective machinery has the potential to endanger lives.

Lift Productivity

Be more organized, knowing when a machines service is due. There is also better communication in a team environment when members have more information at their fingertips.

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Packed withFeatures

Checkout these awesome features that make Farm Service Manager the world leader in farm service recording.

All Your Machinery

All makes and models from the big to the small. Track maintenance for any item on farm


Designed for single owner operators, partnerships and large corporate farming enterprises.


Partners, Family, Employees?  Keep all your operators on the same page with up to date service information.

Accurate Records

Create detailed exportable PDF files with a machines full service history.

Share Records

Lease, share, hire or co-own machinery. Share service records with interested parties.

Set Reminders

Set a notification for any machine’s due service interval by date, day and hour reading.

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A brief introduction byDavid Ricardo

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Checkout these screen shots from the app

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Owner Operators


per month
  • Full access to all features
  • Invite/manage your operators
  • Service/Add/Delete Machinery
  • Share Machinery Records
  • Export PDF Service History
  • Full Support

Corporate Farms


per month
  • Full access to all features
  • Invite/Manage your managers/operators
  • Service/Add/Delete Machinery
  • Share Machinery Records
  • Export PDF Service History
  • Full Support


per month
  • Limited Access – must be invited
  • Can’t invite/manage other users
  • Service/Add Machinery
  • Can’t Share Machinery Records
  • Can’t Export Service History
  • Full Support


Owner Operators and Corporate Managers subscribe for their team members by inviting their Operators to Farm Service Manager via SMS from the App.   All pricing is in US Dollars.  Accounts billed quarterly in advance,
or discounted to *$100/$50 billed annually in advance.
Costs for Australian subscribers is AU$11/$5.50 per month including goods and services tax billed quarterly,
or AU$110/$55 billed annually.

Farmers, Contractors andEmployees?

Many visitors to this website include both farm machinery owners and farm employee operators.  Whether you are a machinery owner or an operator,  the farming operations will be more efficient and productive with instant detailed service information from the app.
Machinery Owners – subscribe today, invite your team, and start keeping the best records for all your machinery service.
Employees – tell your employers about the Farm Service Manager App and ask them to subscribe.

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