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Golf Cart Maintenance Checklist

Frequent golf cart servicing will maintain your vehicle in good working order. And, it should be done by the right people to avoiding any faults for the future.

Farm Service Manager can help you by providing a comprehensive golf cart maintenance checklist. Here are some of the best services offered by us:

Engine & Battery Inspection

Did you notice that on-demand motors are available in gasoline golf carts? This means that the vehicle only runs when the gasoline pedal is pressed.
It also shuts once as you lift your foot off the accelerator, saving gas and lowering noise and pollutants.
When you have a significant problem that needs professional attention, we strongly advise you to schedule a golf cart maintenance appointment.

Farm Service Manager has a replacement parts department that will assist you with most of your gasoline golf cart maintenance checklist.

Tire Inspection & Repair
When it relates to golf cart maintenance, don’t forget about your tires. After all, they’re the primary barrier between your cart and the road.
Under-inflated tires are inefficient because they have to put more effort into moving, resulting in higher fuel consumption. As a result, it’s vital to fill your tires to the specified pressure in your service manual.

Farm Service Manager can also help you overcome this type of repair. We will identify and tackle all your injuries in significantly less time.

Brake Inspections & Service
Last but not least, remember to check your brakes! Examine the brake pedal to assure the swivels are free-moving and the hinges are clean and greased. And, if you can’t get by yourself, then we are here for you.

Want to make your customised golf cart maintenance checklist? Call us today!

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