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Farm Equipment Maintenance App

Your maintenance goals as a farm businessman should be simple and direct. You want to increase the agility of your employees and the productivity of your service technicians while lowering overhead expenditures. But what if you are struggling with it?

Don’t panic! As you can overcome your issues with equipment servicing through our farm equipment maintenance app. The Farm Service Manager can assist you in achieving your objectives by allowing you to organise and schedule maintenance chores in advance.

Benefits from our farm equipment maintenance app

Farm Service Manager has almost all the advanced features to make servicing easy. Some of the perks you can have from our app are:

Check Work Orders
Your workers can check work order information using a tablet or mobile, thanks to our user-friendly software. They can utilise the application to provide real-time updates on project status and data submission.

Capture Images and Videos
Workers can take images and videos of a finished task or activity, allowing you to confirm task fulfilment without examining the site.

Comments & Suggestions
You can let your personnel reciprocate feedback on each action to improve delivery excellence and assure great performance.

Notifications and Alerts
Receive immediate information regarding quality issues in all aspects of your business. Custom alerts help you address quality problems before they become a problem.

Real-time Reports
Regular monitoring of efficiency and evaluating KPIs could never be easier when you have Farm Service Manager. You can have live insight into work progress, equipment performance and staff.

Forms and Checklists
You can create dynamic, user-friendly forms and inspections to track various metrics required to meet legal and legislative standards.
So, allow yourself to indulge in other major tasks by letting your maintenance work be carried out by our farm equipment maintenance app.

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