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Machine Maintenance Logbook

Usually, the telemetry system tracks the large machinery and maintenance as per the data collected. It is specialised in transmitting the data through wireless communication links. However, the cost of this system is expensive. But Farm Service Manager facilitates this system at a lower cost through its daily inspection feature of machine maintenance logbooks.

Our machine maintenance logbook helps farmers to manage their machinery data simply and easily. With its daily inspection feature, it works the same as a telemetry system but at the cheapest cost. All you have to do is enter the working hours of the machine in the logbook and let it do the rest. These records will remind and notify the user about the next due service or maintenance. It is way simpler if the owner records this data daily in the daily inspection system. Also, it will not be handled by the manufacturer as the telemetry system does.

Various working requirements and limits are imposed on each piece of equipment. Through Farm Service Manager, you’ll be able to detect and document the differences in each piece of equipment in terms of their maintenance. As a result, you’ll be able to build maintenance programs that are specific to each piece of network equipment.

Routine equipment inspections will enable you to detect and correct small defects before they become a major problem. Our machine maintenance logbook will assist you in documenting such inspections, allowing you to keep track of all of your equipment’s maintenance work and verify that each item is in good operating condition.

Because maintenance is important, it is imperative to keep a complete logbook to help you realise how critical it is to keep your equipment in excellent operating condition.

So, contact us today and get your machine maintenance logbook today before it is too late.

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