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Service Log Book
Farm Service Manager provides farmers with a digitalised way to manage their farm maintenance activities. Our app truly has the potential to serve as a digital logbook for records of machinery service and maintenance. Preventive maintenance, workplace safety, daily operation logs, and parts listing – do all of this and much more through a single platform.

Our service log book allows you to better organise your maintenance activities and ensure that the machines are always in top working order. Having a digital service log book available via a mobile app also helps to keep you informed about forthcoming duties. This also guarantees that you execute daily inspections on time and keep track of them in a service record book.

The service logbooks serve as an effective and complete guide for you, covering all pertinent information about the machines and tools required or recommended service and maintenance requirements. It tells you exactly what has to be done at that particular service period. It can also be used to keep track of the services provided. Having a full-proof service record book reminds you that you must complete these services on time to preserve the resale value of your machine, extend its life, and keep it in good working order.

You may digitally document every aspect of your equipment, including its current state and service requirements. Small faults are remedied by following the routine maintenance schedule stated in your service log book to avoid big problems in the future. These service log books are designed to ensure that your machines work at their best throughout their lives. Farmers can even set up equipment maintenance and service notifications for a specific date and time. This will ensure that you do not miss any service. These log books can also be used to track machine part replacements and oil changes.


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