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Maintenance Scheduling App Canada

Are you looking for an all-rounder maintenance scheduling app in Canada for your farm business and related machinery? Then, Farm Service Manager is the exact solution for you all in a centralised application. The application provides ways for advanced planning of activities as well as scheduling of all maintenance tasks, ensuring that work is completed and farm equipment has a long life. All of your farm-related maintenance activities are also accessible from anywhere. Henceforth, you’ll be able to take care of farm maintenance while you’re working in the field.

• Minimise the downtime of your machines with a time-to-time maintenance schedule.
• Record and track minutely equipment and safety maintenance.
• Pre-plan the maintenance schedule of a large number of machineries without any hassles.
• Gain a better view of all your farm assets and a deeper insight into their maintenance history.

Record Keeping
Complete all maintenance planning and scheduling needs, and keep track of your farm’s activities as they occur. With our digital log book, you can quickly retrieve all past records with a few clicks or taps – anytime and wherever you need them.

Plan the Timetable
Keep track and check the status of your farm’s maintenance routine to avoid forgetting or repeating tasks. Make your own timetables quickly and effortlessly, as well as set reminder alerts and notifications for the same.

Easy to Use
Our maintenance scheduling app for Canada focuses on blending ease of use with enterprise capabilities. So, it’s jam-packed with features while also being simple, intelligent software that makes your job easier, increases productivity, and boosts efficiency.

The Farm Service Manager knows best how to leverage technology for the benefit of the farmers. That exactly reflects in our maintenance scheduling app in Canada. Use the platform to reduce your maintenance costs and efforts as well as increase the life of your machinery.

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