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Preventive Maintenance App
Having a preventive maintenance system has a lot of benefits for your business. And that’s why Farm Service Manager came up with the most user-friendly preventive maintenance app today.

Our maintenance app is for various industrial and construction tools. It helps monitor action plans, material handling, and inspection audits for multiple machines.

The preventive maintenance app by Farm Service Manager captures all types of occurrences using smartphone forms and assists in keeping up with the equipment, including:

• Fire Extinguishers
• Sprinkler Systems
• And other similar systems are in good working order.

Moreover, it ensures that they perform as planned in the case of an emergency.

You can reap the benefits of the sturdy architecture and invest in bespoke software tailored to your needs through our app. You can see a map of resources deployed at numerous buildings spread in multiple networks or a single place on the dashboard. Thus, this will allow you to make faster, more precise, and strategic choices based on the most recent insights gleaned from various data sources.

Additional benefits from our preventive maintenance app:

• Extends the duration of equipment by minimising failures.
• Addresses potential issues before they happen to prevent expensive equipment downtime.
• Reduces the cost of pricey reactive/emergency services.
• Limits machine breakdown, which increases security.
• Tracks previous data that can be useful during audits and inspections.

Farm Service Manager’s preventive maintenance app lets you centralise all maintenance tasks, interface with existing or new platforms, and interact with vendors. It will assist you in increasing service efficiency, reducing downtime, and simplifying your preventative maintenance routine. Overall, it gives you the power to handle all preventive maintenance tasks effectively.

So, give a try to our preventive maintenance app today!

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