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Asset Maintenance Management Software

Maintaining your assets can help your assets live for years. So, why not go over the best asset maintenance management software for your company.

Whom should you choose then? You don’t have to think much when the Farm Service Manager is right there with you.
Our asset maintenance management software can help you in many ways, such as:

Managing a wide range of equipment
It can assist you in handling all of your assets, including measurement instruments, large factory assets, vital assets, movable assets, etc.


Energy Tracking
With IoT systems, a power monitoring system in the software offers a quick asset health alarm depending on a threshold limit.


Controlling Procurement
With the help of Farm Service Manager, you can expedite your buying process. You may compare vendor bids and select the correct vendor.


Promotes the system’s dependability
The system is flawless, extremely secure, and assures that only authorised individuals can access any information. It uses incident assessment, remedial action tracking, and process improvement management to decrease risks.


Past Data
Complete asset maintenance records are securely saved in the cloud and audited if required.


The continuous self-diagnosis module assists machine owners in troubleshooting simple and common faults without requiring a repair ticket.


Strong resemblance to the web
The asset maintenance management software by Farm Service Manager is the same on the web and mobile. It allows administrators to perform nearly all the same tasks as the web version.


Knowledge reuse
The software permits the reuse of important senior expertise from our expert technicians.
Not only the above features, our asset maintenance management software has several other benefits for your facility. So, make a call today to us and enjoy such benefits today itself!

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