In many cases, telemetry has been a useful tool for farmers across the world to track their larger machinery and perform maintenance accordingly based on what that data is telling them.

Telemetry is the transmission of data via wireless communication links and many machinery manufacturers have created their own telemetry software for farmers to purchase to help them manage maintenance on their fleet of machines.

However, telemetry systems often come with a high cost which may prompt some farmers to question its value. Rightly so, given modern farming is a high-input, high-cost industry with farmers scrutinizing closely where their money goes.

Yes, there are advantages to the technology. It tracks machinery and how it’s running, notifying farmers when maintenance or a service is required to help keep the machine running when it is most needed.

However, Farm Service Manager is offering a cheaper, simpler solution to this without the high cost of a telemetry system.

A daily inspection feature is part of the Farm Service Manager app. Daily inspections – particularly at peak times such as planting and harvest – are an important practice for all enterprises running machinery.

In Farm Service Manager, subscribers can use the daily inspections feature when they are inspecting the machine prior to the day or evening’s work to make notes and record machine hours or mileage in the app, which is used to count down until the next service on that machine is due. This will then send a notification to the user when a service is nearing it’s due interval.

This is a simple, cheap and practical method which can be used as part of an everyday routine without the need for an expensive telemetry system which may be transmitting data that could technically be owned by the manufacturer, not the user.

Farm Service Manager covers all makes and models of farm machinery, both big and small. It would be cost prohibitive to put telemetry on a mower, or cultivator, or any small motor pump or compressor. Farmers need to weigh up the pros and cons of telemetry and decide how they will benefit.

Download the app and check out the free demo.  Go to the App Store or Google Play.

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