service interval

Telemetry – a cheaper alternative

In many cases, telemetry has been a useful tool for farmers across the world to track their larger machinery and perform maintenance accordingly based on what that data is telling them. Telemetry is the transmission of data via wireless communication links and many machinery manufacturers have created their own telemetry software for farmers to purchase to help them manage maintenance on their fleet of machines. However, telemetry systems often come with a high cost which may prompt some farmers to question its

Servicing on time

In your own farming operation, you do your best to get different tasks complete on time. You plant your crops in the appropriate window, spray and fertilize when required and harvest when crops are ripe so you can maximize yield and profit. What helps you to do this? Having machinery that has been serviced on time and is ready to go whenever it is needed. Reports from the United States suggest that farmers can cut repair costs by 25 per cent