Building a comprehensive and accurate service history for farm machinery and vehicles has many benefits.
Firstly, a comprehensive and accurate service history can help to keep machinery running at its full capacity. It gives the owner peace of mind that the machine has been looked after to the best of a mechanic or staff member’s ability and helps to avoid major malfunctions.
Building a full service history for machinery and vehicles can also help to increase its resale value. How else would a prospective buyer know that the machine has been well-maintained and serviced on time while you have owned it? Unfortunately, your word is only worth so much. A service history helps to remove doubt in the buyer’s mind and will help you to achieve maximum value for the machine when it comes time to sell it.
Farm Service Manager can help you build a service history for your machines and vehicles. Every time a machine or vehicle is serviced on your farm, you, your mechanic or your employee can enter the details of what has been done to that particular machine. It’s quick, simple and right at your fingertips. When it comes time to sell the machine, simply export a PDF version of the machine’s service history to the buyer.
Download the app and check out the free demo.  Go to the App Store or Google Play.

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